Canon GL1

The Canon GL1 DV mini camcorder is a successor to the Canon XL1 Betacam. Though most professionals consider the Canon XL1 essential for producing professional digital broadcast footage, they are also happy with the performance of the Canon GL1 camcorder. Canon produced the Canon GL1 after much feedback from consumers, professionals and lay users. The biggest benefit of the Canon GL1 is its price. It is said to be a professional product at the price of a consumer level creation. Both professional video journalists and average consumers appreciated the launch of the Canon GL1 alike.

Canon GL1

Features and Specs

•Weight: 3 5/8 lbs
•Comes with strobes and meters
•Flip out 2.5” LCD screen
•Standard Mini DV cassettes
•A pro lithium-ion 2700mAh battery
•Uses 3 ¼ inch chips producing 250,000 pixels
•A 20x l series fluorite lens
•Onboard microphone

Detailed features and specs

•It comes with image stabilization
•It has a digital camcorder capability
•It comes with black and white, slim, stretch and strobe special effects

Pros and Cons of the product
Owing to the fact that the GL1 is a mini DV camcorder, its greatest feature is its size. It is a portable product that can fit into any camcorder case. Despite its size, the camcorder produces broadcast level footage, which professionals appreciate to a large extent. Most professionals use the GL1 as a back up to the XL1. So, in case their Betacam crashes due to some reason or the other, they can pull out the GL1 and use it for effective broadcast journalism. Because it’s a 3CCD camcorder, it can produce broadcast level footage, despite being really small in size.

Being a DV mini camcorder, the fact that it is not a prosumer means that it has lesser chances of crashing. Professionals generally believe that the prosumer camcorders or Betacams have a greater risk of breaking down or coming down with some technical glitch or the other. Another benefit of the GL1 is that it has a spotlight feature which enables it to use the autoexposure feature while filming a stage performance. It also possess a slow motion feature that functions at a 1/5 speed frame by frame.

The price of the product makes professionals and lay consumers buy and appreciate it all the more. In fact, the size and price of the camcorder are the two most important benefits of the GL1.

Cons of the Canon GL1
The microphone, most professionals would agree, is the most unfavorable component of the GL1. The microphone, used for audio purposes, does not live up to broadcasting standards. Most professional video journalists would prefer a Senheisser MK 66 microphone to go with the Canon GL1 camcorder. Another glitch in the GL1 is the cord length of the camcorder. Users decry the fact that the cord is too short to connect with the microphone.

Bars, which are color spectrum symbols essential for every broadcast camcorder, are absent with the GL1. Bars are generally used to set up non linear editing systems. Some users also feel that the resolution of the CCDs of the GL1 is not up to the mark. Some professionals complain of the changing zoom speeds.